390 E. Boundary Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29303
(864) 542-2240

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About Us


The mission of Advantage Vending Equipment is to serve our clients as a trusted ally, by providing them with reliable and professional support with unparalleled customer service and to earn a fair profit for our employees and owners by embracing sound, ethical business practices.

Who we are

Advantage Vending Equipment, LLC is a privately held South Carolina Company with its headquarters located at 390 E. Boundary Dr. in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The company is owned by its CEO and founder, Michel R. Bayiha.

Mr. Bayiha has been in the vending equipment business since 1995 and has been involved in vending operations since that time, through the ownership of Breaktime Vending and Tomark Vending Service respectively. In September of 2005, Mr. Bayiha sought to meet a greater need in the vending industry that is; the need to assist other vending operators to deal with technical issues and the need to help them grow their businesses by providing them with marketing assistance and value added affordable equipment. So, Michel Bayiha sold its vending routes and formed Advantage Vending Equipment (AVE) for this purpose. Advantage Vending Equipment is providing vending operators the support services needed to allow them to stay focussed in growing their business.

We mainly sell new and/or used remanufactured vending machines at very competitive prices. We sell coffee, snack, soda, sandwich, Ice Cream and a variety of other coin operated vending machines. The models and types vary according to availability and demand. All our machines however, are checked to meet our standards before being sold to the client.

Keys to our Success

We, at AVE understand that the performance of the coin operated machine industry is directly affected by the state of the national economy. Vending service operations primarily exist to provide refreshments to people at work. When employment numbers are low, the challenge for vending company managers is to make the most profitable use of existing equipment while maintaining good relations with the temporarily-downsized client. We have recognized that fact and have positioned ourselves to capitalize on both periods by selling more new machines in good times and conversely, more used machines when times are not so good.

The keys to success in our business are:

Remanufacturing of quality vending machines - We provide our customers with quality refurbished machines at fair market value. We have a well established network of suppliers of used vending machines at bargain prices that adds value to the machine for the end user. We also place bids on trailer loads through online and national auctions. As a fast moving, inovative company, we introduce enhanced products/features to vending equipment by bringing older model machines to standard with today's technology through upgrades or by adding kits to modify, say a machine without the capability to accept dollar bills to one that can. We continuously assist our customers with any technical issues by phone, or by sending our technicians on site. With this advantage, we have gained significant market share in a relatively short time.

Superior Client Services - We do not just want to sell a vending machine to an operator, we want to create a partnership to help them maintain and grow their business and by so doing, they will buy more and more machines and services from us. To achieve this goal, we have built and maintained strategic alliances with a network of operators, manufacturers and other related business partners to work with us to locating possible vending customers where we will determine the appropriate equipment required, prepare or order the appropriate equipment for the location, then match the location with the right vendor within our network. We assist our client operators with services such as; delivery and setup, unlimited technical assistance calls, warehouse storage, bookeeping services, legal business assistance (through a network attorney), financing of their new equipment (through a network financing company) and we also provide secure parking area for route trucks.

Convenience - We offer our clients a wide range of services in one environment with one easily accessible location with dock and mini storage facilities for vending products for customer convenience.

Reputation - After building a successful vending business for ten years, and with a mature and professional technical department led by 45 years of combined technical experienced service engineers and a superb management team, the reputation of the owner/staff as providing superior personal service is well established. We operate with great credibility and with high standards of intergrity.