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Vending Services Vending Your Way...


Advantage Vending Equipment in partnership with Professional Vending Service Providers is aware of your desire to have the best vending service for your employees, staff, and guest. We support that goal and pledge ourselves to work with you to the achievement of this mutual goal.

As we understand it:

  • You want a company that can provide professional vending service and offer your employees and guests a variety of nutritious and tasteful snack foods at reasonable prices.
  • You want a dynamic management that is visible, proactive, and responsive to the needs and ideas of yours employees.
  • You want a company that operates with high standards of sanitation.
  • You want a company with quick response time when there is a problem with vending equipment.
  • You want a company whose employees show pride both in the appearance and sanitation of the facility and their professional appearance.
  • You want vending equipment that is well maintained and serviced, offering quality products.

This is exactly why Advantage Vending Equipment designed this model of vending service that has proven to be the most effective and the most efficient in the upstate of South Carolina. The concept is simple, you call one number, and we address all your vending issues. We will find the right match to provide vending service for your location. In most cases, a contract is not required. Our service is all the contract you need!! If you do not like the service, you call one number, and we will make the change to another vendor, and you will not even notice it, except that your problem will be solved. In most cases, if the equipment is not the issue, we will not even move the machines, only your service provider will change!! How is that for a "no hassle service?"


With more than 14 years experience in the business, we have finally found a system that has enabled us to find the right model to operate a vending company in the most effective and efficient manner: We have combined an Equipment Provider with maintenance expertise with a vending operations provider with motivated drivers who are also owners. All centrally located and managed with a common objective, to be the very best equipment and service providers in the upstate of South Carolina. The same staff that will service your account helped develop this proposal. Therefore, our commitment to fulfill this plan is firm.

Our schedule for service depends on usage. To start, we service our machines once to twice a week and then the schedule is adjusted depending on the locations' needs.

We also have the option of providing Office Coffee Service (OCS) whereby brewers and coffee supplies will be delivered on demand and the company is billed for the supplies.

Some of our vending partners include:

  • Snacktime Vending Service
  • Ruby's Finest Vending
  • R&R Vending Service
  • All American Vending
  • B&L Vending
  • Messel Vending Service


A comprehensive program of preventative maintenance, developed by experts in the vending industry will be in effect at all times. The Program is designed to keep machine down time to an absolute minimum. Our equipment replacement procedure is to replace machines when they either reach obsolescence or wear out. This can vary by location usage and proper care and maintenance. Regardless of age, however, if a machine becomes a problem because of recurring malfunctions or because of a worn, shabby appearance, it will be replaced.


Refunds are handled immediately so that money can be returned to those suffering any loss. A contact person on site (location) gives refunds and fills out a refund slip indicating the amount refunded and the nature of the problem. When the machines are serviced, the driver then reimburses the contact person for any refunds made during that period.

We will own the equipment and will be responsible for all costs of operations, including the payment of sales taxes, personal property taxes and business licenses.

We carry complete comprehensive coverage for all our clients' locations. A sample copy of a certificate of insurance shall be provided upon request.

We operate from a perspective of Unconditionally Guaranteed Quality. From planning and purchasing to implementation, careful quality standards are maintained to insure that all products from the smallest snack to a complete hot meal (Where available) is of the highest quality possible. To deliver on this promise requires a company committed to excellence.

After all plans have been adopted and equipment installed, there remains the day-to-day execution for the commitment for a quality vending service, our people are without a doubt our greatest asset. That is why we can say:

"Quality is what we do and Service is how we do it!"